Fresh salads, dried
fruits and nuts

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Unique climate and soil enriched with natural minerals differs agricultural products produced in Uzbekistan with its ecological purity and special flavor. Such features characterize high quality organic products. Cultivation on own farmland and continuous control eliminates pesticides and unhealthy components inclusion in products. Entire production cycle from sowing to storage and packing is permanently controlled. Ripened crop on farmland and in greenhouses is carefully harvested by hand to keep freshness and presentability.

Fresh Salads

Dried Fruits

About us

DF International LP is acting as subsidiary company of GDF LLC in managing export of fresh fruits, vegetables, greenery, dried fruits and nuts. GDF LLC was established in 2012 to fulfil activities related to processing of agricultural products and rising competitive ability of fruits and vegetables produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan on global market. In 2013 Company put into operation processing, drying and cutting plant. Design concept of plant considered furnishing innovative equipment made in Germany, Belgium, Turkey and other countries, as well as integration of progressive technology developed in the industry. Highly qualified personnel recruitment and beginning specialists’ training was conducted in parallel.

Presently more than 95% of produced commodity is being exported to CIS countries, gradually accessing European and Asian markets. Company export geography is expanding year after year, which evidences products are of high quality. Remaining part of products are directed for sale on local market. For the purpose of business diversification, universal refrigeration system for storage, freezing and packaging of prepared products was constructed in 2015.

GDF LLC went through international certification and obtained ISO 22000 Food safety management Certificate and Global G.A.P. Certificate.

Why Choose Us


Company owns more than 800 hectares of fields consisting fertile soil. Necessary infrastructure covers full cycle of production, storage and packaging


Cultivation and growing is handled by top of the class equipment from world leaders in the area of progressive solutions for automated drip irrigation


Company operates own greenhouse facilities based on advanced solutions to continuously supply products in cold season. Greenhouse facilities are equipped with up-to-date boom irrigation system and ventilation system


Hydroponics technology is applied to obtain premium class products


Our products meet requirements of the highest standards set for quality, ecological safety and needs of the most demanding Customers


Company is the holder of ISO 22000 Food safety management Certificate and Global G.A.P. Certificate